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Saint Anne

Abergele Road
Albany Road
Ardleigh Close
Ardleigh Place
Ardleigh Road
Ashton Street
Aviemore Road
Barrymore Road
Bibby Street
Bolan Street
Brookland Road East
Brookland Road West
Carlton Close
Carnegie Road
Cheadle Avenue
Childers Street
Chudleigh Road
Church Road
Colwyn Road
Cromarty Road
Day Street
Derby Lane 1-69 (odd only)
Derwent Road East
Derwent Road West
Derwent Square
Dorien Road
Dunmore Road
Ellison Street
Elms House Road
Endsleigh Road
Ennismore Road
Etna Street
Evenson Way
Felton Grove
Frogmore Road
Gidlow Road
Gidlow Road South
Glencairn Road
Goschen Street
Green Lane
Greenfield Road
Herrick Street
Highfield Road
Highfield Square
Highfield View
Lime Close
Lister Drive
Maskell Road
Menstone Road
Newton Road
Pensarn Road
Prescot Road 461-481 (odd only)
Raynham Road
Rhuddlan Close
Ronald Street
Sandstone Road East
Sandstone Road West
Selkirk Road
Shaftesbury Terrace
St. Ives Grove
Swan Street

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