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Here at St Anne's we welcome all enquiries, for any age, about Baptism (also known as Christening)

We offer various dates, throughout the year, either within our main Sunday service at 10am - or at a separate service at 11.30am.

To book your special date please contact Rev. Emma on 0151 228 2426 or to arrange a time to discuss the options and to complete the form(s)

A few points to read and think about before considering Baptism:
  • It is a Holy Sacrament of God and should be treated with respect.
  • Baptism is completely free - although any donation you can make will be always welcome. If you are a tax payer then we can claim an extra 25% back from the government at no additional cost to you, simply by putting your donation in one of our special envelopes and writing your name and address on it. No other details are required and no personal information will be obtained from HMRC.
  • It is best if you are baptised in the parish you live in. Permission can be sought from your local vicar if required, so please don't think you are excluded if you live elsewhere.
  • It is always better to arrange the date of Baptism before arranging any details for a party afterwards.
  • Baptism dates get booked up very quickly and so please be prepared to be flexible.
  • Whilst it doesn't matter if a child's parents are not baptised, anyone standing as a godparent must be baptised into the Christian church (i.e. Church of England, Roman Catholic, URC, Methodist, Baptist etc). This is a requirement by church law.
  • We are always delighted to baptise more than one member of the same family, including parents alongside their child(ren). If this is something you would like to consider, simply mention it when you phone up.