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Choir news

Back in July the choir had a trip to the cathedral for one of the twilight tower tours. These happen every Thursday through the summer and give access to the tower so you can see views of the city as evening falls. Iíd arranged for our trip to coincide with one of the times when the bell ringers were in the tower. They now have a bell simulator which all the children had a go of and which lets you feel what itís like to ring a real bell. We could see the bell ringers in action as they stood in a circle pulling the ropes. Itís incredible watching the co-ordination to get the bells ringing in the right order. Thankfully, the bells had been Ďsilencedí by having the clapper tied so it couldnít strike the bell when itís swung. Quite a relief, as they are the loudest, heaviest and highest peal of bells in the whole world!

After weíd seen the bells in full swing, it was time to tackle the 108 steps to the top of the tower to see the amazing views and to try and spot our church tower Ė not easy!

In the last magazine I wrote about the removal of the organ from St. Paulís church and promised to show you some photographs. Iíve been back to the church a few times since the organ was removed and it still looks really odd seeing the great empty space where it once was.

On August 11th Louise gave birth to a baby boy and named him Alexander. Alexander had decided he was going to make an early appearance and was born 3 weeks early. He made his first visit to church on August 20th with proud mum and dad. Our congratulations to Louise and Jonny on the arrival of their precious bundle of joy.

Term started again early in September and already it was time for the latest cohort of choristers to be promoted in to the main choir. This was done on 24th September during the Dedication service when the church was celebrating its 127th birthday. The choristers who were promoted are Tavia Oxley, Cara Doran, Isabella Wilson, Holly McDonough, Christian Nugent, Eric Chen and Oscar Darracott. Our congratulations to all of them on their promotion.

And finally, Iím very happy to tell you that Klaudia got engaged in September and have announced that they are expecting their first child. Our congratulations to Klaudia and Fred on both these wonderful bits of news and our love and best wishes to them for their future together.