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The end of the Summer term came to a close with our St. Anne's day celebrations. We were very fortunate that David Poulter, the cathedral choirmaster was able to come and play for us. The choir had dragged a golden oldie out of the music cupboard called 'Let all the world in every corner sing' by Ralph Vaughan Williams. It's been a few years since we sang it. It terrifies the life out of the organist who has to play it because originally, it was written for choir and orchestra and the bass part (which the organist has to play with their feet) is a fast, pulsating part and is notoriously difficult to play. The performance was brilliant and brought the term to an exciting climax. Our thanks to David for playing so wonderfully for the service.

It wasn't long before we were getting ready to go on the choir holiday which was a return trip to Wirksworth in Derbyshire. I've asked the children to each write an account of the days to give you a flavour of what we got up to.

Saturday by Charlotte Roberts
When Saturday came everyone was full of excitement and anticipation as that day we were going to sing at a very special wedding and straight after, leave for our adventures on the choir holiday!
To start the day we arrived at church, took our bags to the back and then got changed into our robes. The bride (Jeanette) arrived on time and it then proceeded to be a lovely service with Pokémon peeking out from the choir stalls. Alisa Daley sang "Panis Angelicus" amazingly and Ed sang "You raise me up" which was brilliant.
After the service we said our goodbyes collected our bags and boarded the bus. With everybody in a frenzy of excitement, the sweet filled journey flew by in a blur and soon we were opening the doors to our new home for the week. We had chippy for tea and played some board games before heading off to bed, exhausted after our busy day.

Sunday by Hannah Thompson
We all had woken up and got ready to go to Lud's church. We all hopped into the mini bus and drove off. We had all started to walk down and then we had realized that we were standing right in the middle of it. A narrow , slippy stair case with slimy walls like dragon snot was layed.
When it was time, we all started to make our way back. Once we got back to the bottom of it we started to climb the Roaches, a tall mountain with such a beautiful view, it was extraordinary!!! After that we made our way back to the mini bus and went home.

on top of the Roaches at 1505 feet

Monday by Luci Tyman
On Monday we went on a 23 mile bike ride. On this bike ride we had to ride up one big hill but we all ended up pushing our bikes up it instead. We had to ride over a bridge to get to our lunch space where we had our packed lunch. There were lovely views of the fields and of the farm animals.
We had to ride through tunnels which at first seemed like they were endless and I thought people were going to jump out at us but they never. We had to ride through the middle of cliffs, it was so fun but breathtaking. When we reached our half way point we had an ice cream and it was so refreshing and kept us all going. On the way back it seemed a lot faster as the wind was behind us.
After this lovely day out it was time to go back to where we were staying. Thanks a lot for a lovely choir holiday.

Monday by Keira Jones
On our second day in Derbyshire we did a 23 mile bike ride. It was freezing so we all got up. I was always the first asleep and the last to wake up. We drove down in our minibus. When we arrived the man gave us all a bike our size. We set off up a great big hill, it was really hard. Later it was really hot, the sweat was dripping off us. After we stopped at a bench and ate our lunch. It was nearly the end. We stopped again and got an ice cream. I had chocolate. Once again we set off. It was so much easier going back but sadly it was the end so Geoff took us all to the pub and we all got a medal.
I think I struggled the most but thanks to Pam I got through it. I really enjoyed it, but next time I shall bring padded shorts. Our bums were killing! We all slept that night but it was amazing. I would recommend it.

Tuesday by Leah Thompson
On Tuesday we went to heights of Abraham! When we got there we waited in a five minute line to get in the cable cars to get to the top of the mountain, the cable cars were terrifying because every time we moved a little bit the cable car would move much more! When we finally got to the top of the mountain we went to a park with 2 really big slides and Leah, Hannah, Keira and Luci all went down in a little group. When we had all got bored we climbed to the top a a tower with narrow stair cases and cob webs EVERYWERE! When we had got down from the tower we went to see the Punch and Judy show and that was amazing! We even got a shout out and the puppets said that we could help them all sing but most of us didn't know the words! After the show we had a quick sit down for our lunch then we went into a cave and the women told us that a family called the Walkers family went down into that very cave and went down looking for lead! After that hard day we went to the park again then we went back to our temporary home and we all sat down "peacefully!!"

Wednesday by Jess Roberts
On Wednesday we had our usual morning: woke up, ate our breakfast (eggy bread or cereal). There were some unusual toppings on the eggy bread including Snake Bite chilli sauce and all the sugar in the world!
Next, we trudged to the minibus for our 30 minute trip to Chatsworth House which is owned by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Once we arrived and parked we headed off to get our tickets and enjoy looking at the lovely animals. In the mini farm we saw a house for Guinea pigs, Shetland ponies, gorgeous horses and chickens (some were very funky looking).
After we had seen the animals we ate out lunch (lovingly made by Pam and Emma) then we played on the huge playground. In the gigantic playground there was at least three slides, a massive sand pit, a zip line and many more activities to keep us all busy for the next couple of hours. Once we got back we ate corn beef hash, watched 'The Good Dinosaur' and went to bed.

Thursday by Elicia Day
On Thursday morning we all had a lie in, except for the adults! They were in the kitchen cooking us a full English breakfast. It was a lovely treat to wake up to. After we all ate our breakfast, we had our showers and walked down to the beautiful church of Wirksworth! Inside was decorated with dark wood which went so well with the brightly coloured stained glass windows they had. We all had a look round and then we set off to quad biking! The mini bus was filled excitement! We arrived and got our camouflage boiler suits, balaclavas and helmets and then set off on a wild ride through the forest and open fields. The drive back to the house was so quiet everyone was fast asleep after a long day quad biking.

On our final full day we drove to a nearby tourist attraction called Carsington Water. The sun was out and we played swingball, Frisbee and pass the pigs. Tragedy for Keira who, way out in front on 90 points, and only needing 10 points to win, threw the pigs in the air, only for them to land with them touching - making bacon, and she lost all her points.
It was all soon forgotten when we got our stash of water balloons out and had a water fight. We had a walk over to Stones Island to see the view and then to the visitor centre where we pushed the 1 tonne Kugel Stone.
In the afternoon we got ready for our fancy dress treasure hunt around Wirksworth. The costumes were brilliant. We set off in teams, 10 minutes apart. Most of the time was spent talking to the locals who were asking us what we were doing, and some even offered help for us to find the answers to the clues. What a lovely lot they are in Wirksworth.
The Robots team dressed in the superhero costumes were the winners and we all went to the pub for a well earned refreshing drink.
I hope you've got a flavour from the children's reports of what we got up to. We all had a fantastic week filled with fun, achievement and laughter. It couldn't have happened without the enormous amount of help from the adults who give up their time to come along; Emma, Pam, Victoria, Jamesy and Mike helped to make the holiday such a great success and I'm indebted to them all for giving their time so willingly to make the holiday such a fun time for the choir kids.

The end of the Summer holiday for the choir was cut short so we could all get back and carry on our rehearsals for Victoria and Chris's wedding which was on 10th September. Much preparation had gone into organising the service and we were delighted to be joined by Jacko and Cliff, and James, David and Joe from the cathedral choir. I even managed to cajole Fr. Myles to come and sing with us at the last minute.
The choir lined up outside to see Victoria being escorted down the path towards the church by a very proud looking dad. Victoria looked beautiful. We all processed in to 'The Rejoicings' by Handel, and then watched as Victoria was led up the aisle to meet Chris.
Vicoria and Chris had chosen 'Zadok the priest' as the anthem and in true St. Anne's tradition, the bride also sang along. It was a fabulous performance, full of energy and excitement. Dave had been practising hard as it was the first time he'd played it and it was superb. The build up on the organ heightened the excitement of the choir's first entry which was awesome. To contrast this, we sang Philip Stopford's 'Ave Maria' during the signing of the registers.
The whole service was fabulous and it was a delight to see this day come to fruition after so much planning. Our love and best wishes to Victoria and Chris as they begin their married life together and we look forward to hearing all about their honeymoon on safari in South Africa.

I've written about Jessica Pindar and her golfing prowess in previous magazines. It seems she's going from strength to strength. Over the summer she's been involved in numerous competitions.
Her first big competition was the U.S. Kids British Open which was held at Woodhall Spa golf club, the home of English golf. Jess played fantastically well, finishing in 4th place. Due to her finishing position she's been invited to play on the Italian, Portuguese and French tours as well as a competition in Australia!
A week later, Jess was back in action in Lincoln to play in the American Golf National Finals. This was an open age category and Jess played against girls aged 10-18 years old. She finished in a brilliant 5th place and even made an appearance on Sky Sports 4.
Earlier in the year Jess had won regional qualification rounds and the regional final to book herself a place in a two day event at St. Andrew's in Scotland. After a difficult second round she battled back to finish 17th. This is an amazing achievement when we realise that 187 girls had entered.
To top the summer off, Jess won her first major competition at her home club, Eccleston Park. This means she gets her name on the Honours wall and another trophy. She is the only girl to have ever achieved this at the club. Jess is pictured below proudly showing off her trophy.

And finally, members of the congregation will no doubt know that we sing 'Hallelujah Chorus' at the beginning of term in memory of our dear friend Ernie. This year, with everything that's been going on, it was delayed somewhat and we finally got to sing it at the church's dedication festival. What made it more poignant this year was that it's the first year Marie hasn't been in church to hear it. She always gave me a smile and a nod in appreciation of it. Our thoughts and prayers are with her.